History of Prime Isthmus Hotel


Ioannis Xenakis was one from the most impressive and exceptional architects and composers of 20 st century, internationally known as “Iannis Xenakis”.

New, exceptional and using pioneering methods that were developed by the himself, in correlation with music, architecture, mathematics and science. Xenakis collaborated on the building of the hotel with Peter Spilitakos, architect and his good friend.

The result of their particular partnership was to become the preparation and planning of the Isthmia Prime Hotel. At the end of the 1960’s, when the structure of the hotel was completed, another famous profile entered the picture.

Tom Pappas, who had extensive knowledge from the United States, was the most important factor for the outcome of our hotel, as we know it today. He contributed financially to the construction of the building. He contributed to the standards of an American motel of this time, giving the first name as “Motel Isthmia”.